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Insight-130227: Kings Update / Stockton Bankruptcy / Sequestration: Air Travel / Pet Tales / Eileen Rendahl / HellaCappella

Published February 27, 2013

Kings Update - Capital Public Radio's Regional Reporter Bob Moffitt joins us with the latest news in the Sacramento Kings drama, including a possible counter offer from Kings minority owen John Kehriotis.

Stockton Bankruptcy - Reporter Rich Ibarra tells us the latest on the City of Stockton's bankruptcy filings. A hearing was held last night.

Sequestration: Air Travel - What will happen to air travel in the region if the impending federal sequestration takes place? Regional airports are bracing for the possible loss of air traffic controllers and TSA agents. What impact might it have on area travelers this weekend? Reporter Rick Ibarra sticks around to talk about Stockton's airport, which could lose all of its air traffic controllers. We'll also talk to Rob Leonard, Interim Director of Sacramento International Airport, and Doug Yakel, spokesman for San Fransisco International Airport, about possible effects they may feel.

Pet Tales - In our monthly segment focused on pets and pet care, expert Gina Spadafori joins us to discuss the latest news from the Western Veterinary Conference in Las Vegas.

Eileen Rendahl - Author Eileen Rendahl is releasing the third book in her urban fantasy Messenger series, "Dead Letter Day." Set in Sacramento, the series stars Melina Markowitz as a Messenger - a human who can acts as a go-between for the many undead and supernatural elements taking up residents under the streets of our fine city. There will be a book release party this Friday at the Avid Reader in Davis.

HellaCappella - UC Davis' all-female a cappella group The Spokes is hosting its annual showcase, HellaCappella, this Friday. The event features a variety of performances from collegiate a cappella groups. We'll talk with The Spokes about the showcase and hear them perform in our studio.


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